Thursday, October 25, 2012

First Aid Course

Last Tuesday room 1 did a first aid course with a lady named Marie from red cross.  We learnt the DRSABC which stand for Danger, Response, Send for Help, Air Ways, Breathing and Circulation.  We learnt how to treat stuff like burns, broken bones, cuts, poison and other stuff.  We learnt a lot with Marie our teacher that was teaching us all that stuff.  I really enjoyed doing the first aid course and leaning all that stuff I learnt.

After we learnt everything we played this game that was really fun.  You had to create a horrible scene and your partner that you were with has to help and do what we just learnt.  I really enjoyed doing all that stuff and I hope I could do it again.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

First Aid Course

Yesterday we had a First Aid Course with Marie from Red Cross.
we learnt the DR'S ABC the head tilt chin lift that open the air way.

we learnt how to treat people how have cut them-self bad and how to bandage them up without hurting them or pulling on a big piece of glass sticking out of there legs.

the another the we learnt is when some is poisoned you take a sample of the stuff that poisoned them so the Dr's no want to use to help them. If it a plant or leaf you DO NOT TOUCH it you take a photo or use a glove to pick it up

I like the games we played their was a Dr and a hurt person. The hurt person had a tag on there head and the Dr had to help them.

That was the best First Aid ever



First aid course

Yesterday we did a first aid course we learnt how to safe people's life and what to do when you see a person in a shock. It was fun when we where playing that game and i was on the stage and the nails where dinging into my back we had to rescue your partner from what ever they had wrong with was funny when I had to rescue Ngamare she had a broken leg it was funny as because we where timed and when the time was up this lady came around and said that my wrapping was perfect.

When we had to practiced wrapping a broken arm i got confused because i didn't know if the arm goes on the top or on the bottom but I finny got it it was funny because Ngamare was luffing at me. It was so funny
we learnt all kind of diffident things it was funny when the lady pulled out Jim Bob. We where all luffing at it and if was funny when she tilled Jim Bob's head and the head just fall back it was so funny. It was so cool doing the first aid course.

At the farm - Madison.

In the second week of the holidays, on Thursday Courtney and I went to my Grandfathers farm for four days.  We didn't have to wake up early to help feed the animals which was a relief, but I still helped feed the animals in the evening.  My favorite job is feeding the hens and collecting the eggs but It is freaky when a hen is in the hen house when I am collecting them.  Now I like Feeding G.S.T ( Gromit, Sprinkles, Trixcey ).  Gromit and Trixcey are the baby goats and sprinkles is the mum, Wallace is the dad but he is in another paddock.  We got spoiled because we got books to read, movies to watch and $10 which I spent on lollies and a pair of earrings, kiwi ones.  Courtney got some nail polish and lollies too,  They didn't last long with us.  I helped Jean make dinner and some pudding too, I thought I would call myself Jeans little helper and Courtney is grandfather's, big  helper.
After dinner that me and Jean decided that Courtney and Grandfather would made dinner the next night but do you know what they cooked us, takeaways.  I was so cool there I can't wait for the 6 week holiday we will probably stay there for a week.


This term our class is doing speeches.  I am talking about how it is cool to be a kiwi.  I have got all of the intimation about it.  Now I have to put it into my own words.  I think it is going to be hard when I put it into my own words.  I have to talk about my speech for 3 minutes.  I think that I don't have that much for a speech but I will try to chunk it out while I go.  Sometimes I think that I am going to go great and then I think that I am going to screw up.  I cut and paste It.  I put some of it into my own words and the rest of it I need to put it into my own words.  I always get butterfly in my tummy when I have to talk to a lot of people.
That is why I am not looking forward to this. this is going to be my first time for doing speeches.    I think that if I screw up then I think that I am going to  just stand there and be imbarist  while I stand there.
I have done a page of research.  I think that it is not that much so that is why I am  put more words into my speech.

First Aid Course

 Yesterday we ha a first aid course and learnt about burns, poison,broken bones and lots more things it was  fun at the end because we did a game it was funny because we had to act like we had a bus crash and the other team had to help us and fix us up.Then that team had an earthquake and we had to fix them up and make sure the didn't die it was really fun. the part about it was the earthquake because it was cool fixing them up.


Last week we started to do speech's we got to pick a topic to do I did my taste in music.  I did my speech on Beyonce and I did lots of topics about her I really like to do speech's I think it so cool. At first I didn't want to do speech I said it was dumb but when I started it I said it was cool.